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Seven Marketing Tips For Website Landing Page

Posted by venkatramseo on January 25, 2012

1. Have a Clear and Emphatic Call to Action

Landing pages should be designed to make a prospective customer take action. The offer is a vital component of getting the sale, so make a big deal out of it.

Set the offer copy and matching call to action apart from the rest of the page to make it special. Use white space, a box around it, lines above and below and/or some sort of contrast to point out where the visitor needs to focus to get the item.

2. Right On-Page Brief and Call-to-Action

Your visitors arrived from somewhere, and an expectation was set before they even entering on your page. This could have been in your pay-per-click ad, a third-party blog posting, or a comparison-shopping engine.

3. Good Design and Reduce Text

Don’t use a wide different of font styles, colors, and sizes on your page.

Remove images and interactive rich-media content unless it instantly supports your conversion goal and is a clearly superior way of conveying important information.

4. Use Images Correctly

Images are good to use on landing pages to give a visual representation of the product or service as long as these following rules are followed:

Don’t make the image too large and too complex. Multiple versions of the same item in different colors won’t help. Keep it simple and clean.

5. Show Brand Marketing

People want to express an affinity for your product or service. By transferring recognition or good will from other orgins you can help reinforce their desire to act.

Liberally use logos of well-realized client brands. Add the badges of media sources that have covered or observed your company. Prominently display glowing testimonials from existing customers.

6. Enable Sharing and Social Sites

Social media buzz grows exponentially and also serves as a stamp of approval by others highlighting the value of an offer. Social buzz will drive more traffic to the page, validate your credibility and has the potential to help your website rank higher on search engine results pages.

7. Test Quality

There are many landing page that can be tested such as the use of a live demo, multiple pages linked by tabs, approaches to copy (sales, helpful, long, short, etc.), dynamic content, etc.


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