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What is Actual – World or God?

Posted by venkatramseo on May 11, 2009

Salutations to  Lord Lakshmi Chintamani Maha Ganapathi  who is the sole inspiration and the destination of this Journey called LIFE

Salutations to the revealer of the secret knowledge, Guru – dispeller of ignorance

Salutations to the  One and Universal.

What is Real – World or God?


As a Human being , we must readily assert that our body and its existence is real.  There is a space and infrastructure which accommodates body to live and that we call it as the world .If the body  is real then the world is also very much real.  If the body occupies a particular space then there should be a vastness which can accommodate the body space !

What can a  mere body  do in the world? It needs to participate in the activities of the world… otherwise it is insentient… the mechanism of mind enables the body to carry out the functions required by the body/world.  Thus Participation of the body is enabled !

If mind is required to participate, then a basis for mind to be active and intelligent is

Required? Prana  enables the mind to be active and body to act !!  Is this all required to make this world?  If a mind is given the freedom ,it will create and enable activities of the world.  Being a limited entity there must be restriction, and thus a  control mechanism is put in place.

Intellect does the reflection and the control function so that the body and mind are active and also ensure there is a perfect harmony in the thoughts and through it ,harmony in the World at large.  It also ensures that there always exists a want which will need to be fulfilled/satisfied.  This is a continuous process, one want leading to another and thus ensure the world body activity continuum.


It is all fair to accept the above as real , at the micro level or the individual level?  What about the vastness?

We are aware that there is a limitation to the body/Mind/Intellect mechanism –  span of life,  stream of thoughts, a limitation to the human intelligence…. This leads us to  the question – Is there a beginning and end to the vastness?

There is a limitation to the physical vastness ,i.e., this world.. it is bound and cannot expand.  Resources are limited so that the life in the world goes on .Scarcity is the beginning of want.  Want keeps life busy and interesting otherwise the body mind intellect activities will be a boredom !

At the Micro level, world is vaster than the individual body  and hence world is real for the body.  World also is to be worshipped and all the activities carried out in the world are only worship in someway or the other.

We also observe many foreign bodies which appear in the sky and also bountiful treasures below the surface of  land.  If we deeply introspect , we will realize two phenomenal facts:

1.  Anything from above, will flow down on its own and it cannot be seized by any effort.  This phenomena in Vedanta is called the flow of Grace, we cannot seize or acquire it by our efforts, it will flow down on its own.  In fact it is, but due to the limitations we are unaware of the Grace, it is the grossest sin   We should learn to respect the nature since Nature is the source on which our life depends on.  Nature provides us with the necessary intakes.. right from air to vegetables.  While nature creates, we consume and  digest.


1. The bounty below the surface of the land are all to be dug and  owned.  Effort is required for material gains.  For example, for the purpose of  growing rice we need to cultivate and wait for a time period for the crops to mature .  All material riches like gold, oil etc are struck and acquired !!!

The challenge of Life lies in balancing the act , of internal vision vis a vis the external bounty and riches.  Constant is the internal vision and  Variable is the External riches.

This gives us a clue  as to the reality, is it not? That which is variable is not as real as the constant reality.

Existence is real and the vision of  existence may vary.. it depends on the time and space.

The Constant principle- GOD and the external vision- the World.

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Lord Vinayagar

Posted by venkatramseo on May 5, 2009

Lord Vinayagar

Lord Vinayagar

The first prayer of a Hindu is always to Vinayagar.Vinayagar is invoked at the beginning of all ritualistic worship. He is invoked before a family moves into a house. Recitatation of holy songs begin with the recitation of a Vinayagar mantra or song.

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