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SEO basics—the key to a improvement of internet enterprise

Posted by venkatramseo on November 27, 2009

If you own an internet enterprise, you want a successful search engine optimization (SEO) campaign.

And you always start with the fundamentals— like keyword research. This means that you look for the greatest possible set of keywords for the site and also integrate keywords that are aggressive in the search ranks.

In case you did not know, there are a lot of free keyword research tools on the internet. Google has many applications that can help boost and keep search rankings.

After finding the right set of keywords, a site should have valuable on-page optimization. This task involves having to keyword usage, optimize Meta tags, and content for more accurately targeted keywords and interior link structures.

The last step is creating compelling content, which is the back bone of every victorious SEO campaign. While content is often underestimated, it is a detrimental factor for the interest or disinterest of potential clients on the web.

It is also significant to synergize an SEO campaign to social media and public relations.


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SEO Optimization Companies in California

Posted by venkatramseo on November 21, 2009

SEO Company Location Established Website
Search-Optimization.comLinguistics research, editorial optimization and pay-per-click management. Costa Mesa CA 1994



SiteLab International Inc.Intelligent digital design, e-business, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, email m San Diego CA 1994
Certified Search Engine Optimization IncSearch Engine Optimization , Branding and Internet Corporate Branding Carlsbad CA 1995
Internet Marketing FirmSearch engine optimization [exposure] | Conversion | CRM Woodland Hills CA 1995 internet-marketing-firm



Phoenix@Global Enterprise, IncSearch engine optimization and management Los Angeles CA 1995
Web Ignite Coroprationsearch engine editorial optimization and page-one listings Santa Barabra CA 1995
WebTamers Web Promotion Online Marketing ServicesOnline Marketing Services: Consultation & Website Ranking Fair Oaks CA 1995
Fort PointLanding Page Optimization Software San Francisco CA 1996
Position MastersSEO, Search Engine Friendly Templates Rio Linda CA 1997
Position ResearchFull Service SEO: Page and Link Optimization produce top ranking in Google, AV, Lycos, etc. Escondido CA 1997
Webconsuls -Successful Web Sitesweb development, SEO, Internet consulting, web design, Newport Beach CA 1997
ecom enterprises, inc.SEO/SEM services and SEO friendly web applications including ecommerce & CMS Sunnyvale CA 1998
eMarketing AssociationeMarketing certifications, courses, seminars, events, memberships Redondo Beach CA 1998
Netpaths.netSearch engine promotion, PHP programming, web hosting L.A. CA 1998
websitekeywordsubmissionSearch Engine Optimization Search Engine Submission Search Engine Consulting Newbury Park CA 1998
WayMore HitsSearch Optimization, Pay Per Click Programs, Web Design Santa Clarita CA 1998
EzRankings.comSearch Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click Campaigns, Paid Inclusion Irvine CA 1999
GoldRanking Search Engine Optimization and Rankingorganic seo Monarch Beach CA 1999
GuaranteedTopRankings.comSearch Engine Services, SmartPages, PowerSites and Directory Submission,WebSiteSurgery Huntington Beach CA 1999
IgniteMySite.comsearch engine optimization, web design, email marketing San Diego CA 1999
MySearchGuru.comTitle and meta tag writing (or rewriting), hand submission to search engines (both large and small). San Diego CA 1999
SEOptimismSEO, submission, content development, SEM, Link Development, Competitive Business Intelligence Long Beach CA 1999
SiteTutorsearch engine optimization San Diego CA 1999
Star SEOSearch engine placement, web design & website management. Encino CA 1999

Wheel Mediaweb design, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, email marketing Sacramento CA 1999
NOZZIEProfessional Internet Marketing – Search Engine Optimization San Diego CA 2000
BloofusionOnline marketing – SEO Aptos CA 2001
SearchmarFull-service Search Engine Optimization, Link Popularity, Paid Listings (PPC) and PR Optimization San Francisco CA 2001
SEO ExpertsSearch engine optimization, placement, positioning and marketing services. Oceanside CA 2001
Shear TechnologiesSearch Egnine Optimization, e-Commerce Consulting, Database Design, Cold Fusion Integration & More! San Diego CA 2001
ExecFocus.NetSearch Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing Tarzana CA 2002
Mariano MarketingSEM, SEO, analysis Escondido CA 2002
Moving Cloudssearch engine optimization, keyword research, link building, traffic analysis and mining Santa Monica CA 2002
SemtrainingTeaching SEO/SEM to corporate clients San Francisco CA 2002
Vertive ConsultingSearch Engine Maketing: search engine optimization, paid listings, and PPC advertising Palo Alto CA 2002
WebThorityWeb design and dev with SEO maintainence San Francisco CA 2002
SEO-PRSearch engine optimization combined with public relations. San Francisco CA 2003
Spider Juice TechnologiesSEO, Link Bulilding Torrance CA 2003

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SEO Optimization Companies in Columbia

Posted by venkatramseo on November 19, 2009


Custom Web site design team provides comprehensive internet strategy for small and medium-sized businesses and associations.

1633 Connecticut Ave NW
Suite 400


Services Web Design, Web site functionality, Search Engine Optimization, Web Hosting

Established 1999

Clients 40

Employees 10

Web Site:

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How to Add Rss Feed in your Website

Posted by venkatramseo on November 17, 2009

RSS stands for actually Simple Syndication or it’s sometimes referred to as Rich Site Summary. It’s an XML-based content format for distributing headlines, news, content, etc.

Most popular sites news sites and blogs give RSS feeds for you to subscribe to. All you need is a feed reader to vision its contents.

Feed readers come in every one shapes and sizes these days. The Firefox browser has one built right into the Bookmarks feature. I use Google Reader.

You can also generate feeds for your own website so your audience can subscribe to them. If you update your content commonly and promote the feed effectively, it can help drive more stable traffic to your website.

The URL will be something like This is the link to your RSS/XML feed, and the one you’ll be advertising so people can subscribe.

Advantages of Creating RSS Feeds

More Traffic

For webmasters this is a good way to bring repeat traffic to your site.

Avoid Email Spam Filters

Many webmasters are now dumping their newsletters and switching to this method of content distribution because you don’t have to fret about dodging the spam filters.

Export Your RSS Feed

The cool thing about these feeds is that other people can use them as content on their site. So if you have a feed that is of scrupulous interest to another webmaster, they can post your content on their site with an easy JavaScript code. This is another huge traffic opportunity!

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Difference between XML Sitemap vs.Google News Sitemap

Posted by venkatramseo on November 10, 2009

Google News Search is not equal as Google Search or any other Search Engine for that matter. It is special News based Search Engine which center on bringing News items instead of normal Web Pages. With so many news sites popping up and retreating demarkation between Websites and News Based sites, there is a require to draw the line.

A regular XML sitemap would not effort for Search Engine submission like Google News simply because; the requirements and the intention audience are different. Here are the main differences between a Regular XML Sitemap and Google News Sitemap

  • News Sitemaps are updated every time you Post/Edit or publish a post/article but Standard XML sitemap update frequency comparatively less.
  • News Sitemaps contains only latest articles while Standard XML Sitemap contains an exhaustive list of articles.
  • They both cannot be used in lieu of the other.
  • Additional fields such as Timestamp or the Article Publication Date are absolutely necessary for News Sitemaps. It tells the Search Engine the date at which the Article first appeared on the site.


Now that you are aware of the difference between a Standard XML Sitemap required by Websites/Blogs and the News Sitemap needed by Google News and other similar provider,

* How to create Google News Sitemap for WordPress Blog
* How to create Sitemap for your WordPress Blog

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How to catch your website banned by Google

Posted by venkatramseo on November 6, 2009

Many websites and SEO companies engage in practices that seem akin to walking up to Larry Paige and Sergey Brin and slapping them diagonally the face while wearing a T-Shirt sporting your URL. It’s as if these websites and SEO ‘professionals’ wanted to be banned by Google. So, as so various people clearly want a fine banning, here are just 5 sure fire ways to get your website banned by Google.

Google banned website

1 – Hide text on your website

The old trick of hiding text on your website is a dead cert to get your website banned. Text can be hidden in a range of different, sneaky ways. Techniques include:

* Making the text the similar colour as the background

* Hiding the text with divs and CSS

* Positioning the text off the side of the screen with CSS

* Hiding the text behind images Each one of those techniques is Black Hat and will get you banned if your website faces a physical review.

2 – Buy cheap links from poor quality sources

Buying links is never a good idea as Google frowns upon it.

3 – Steal content from other websites

Duplicate content is the curse of the Internet, as anyone can copy and paste from other sources. If you make your website a duplicate of content that exists elsewhere, don’t get too friendly to your Google traffic.

4 – Use multiple domains

Webmasters would buy up dozens of keyword relevant domains and have their websites reachable through them all as they believed this would help their SEO.

5 – Use doorway pages that redirect to other pages

This is another great technique for getting your website kicked out of Google. If you create loads of keyword focused pages on your site, just for Google, and then redirect them to the actual pages of your website when the user accesses them then you are sure to find your stay in Google’s index a short one.

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SEO for Small Business Web site Improvement

Posted by venkatramseo on November 5, 2009

SEO for small business website promotion is an apt solution which helps to increase superiority traffic to your website. Effective SEO will help your website to achieve high ranking in main search engines such as Google, Yahoo and AOL.

Helps Small Business Websites to Achieve Higher Visibility

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an online marketing stratagem that helps small business websites to attain higher visibility on search engines. There are certain key factors that involve the rankings of websites and it is very important that the website should be designed in a search engine friendly manner, and has keyword rich content. SEO for small business website promotion offers a lot of advantages including:

• Greater website traffic and popularity
• Increased business sales
• Search engine friendly website
• Advanced optimization strategies
• Evaluation and monthly reporting
• Follow-up service
• SEO website promotion consulting

SEO for small business website promotion helps small business owners to improve their business worldwide. Professional SEO service providers utilize experienced SEO experts to provide definite and effective website promotion for small businesses.

Effective SEO Services

Search engine optimization is a comprehensive solution for small business website promotion and the process includes:

• Initial analysis and planning
• Keyword research
• Content development and submission
• Website design and redesign
• Search engine optimization
• Link building
• Article writing

Understanding the significance of seo marketing for small businesses, many professional web marketing companies provide highly systematic and effective SEO for small business website promotion.

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