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Google News Spotlight Section Now Your Friends & Stories They +1

Posted by venkatramseo on November 23, 2011

The Google News Blog announced that Google News Spotlight section may contain stories that your friends + Google and Gmail contacts have +1′ ed.

If you are connected using Google News and your friends or contacts have used Google a button, as the stories in the Spotlight section, which information is displayed in the Spotlight section about the article. They even allow you to click on the name of your friend / contact to see Google’s social profile.

For more information about News Spotlight section visit Google News Blog


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Google Search using your Terms with Verbatim Tool

Posted by venkatramseo on November 16, 2011

Users Know exactly what you are searching for on Google search? It is now a bit easier quick way to find it.

Google search page is constantly doing things to automatically adjust your questions and corrections – that will change in common synonyms, spelling, omitting certain terms which may not be needed, and so on. Sometimes show above the search results Did you mean “your search term” Most of the time these settings are useful, but can sometimes get in the way. For some time you can find what you came in with some advanced search operators, and now there is a simplified way to do it.

15th November 2011, Google has announcing an easier way to do this: a “Verbatim” option in their search tools on the left sidebar. Who does what you expect: run a query with the Verbatim, and get the results of what was in the search box.

Verbatim google search tool

Verbatim Tool

For more info about verbatim tool –

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Generating New Leads SEO Beats Social Media and PPC

Posted by venkatramseo on November 4, 2011

SEO is the main source of leads for sellers, both B2C and B2B, beating PPC and social media marketing in a recent survey of online marketers. However, more respondents say they plan to increase their marketing budgets on social media in 2012, ahead of SEO and PPC.

Whether B2B or B2C, both groups of traders agree that SEO has the greatest impact on lead generation. Credit 57% of B2B SEO marketing as their main source of lead generation, while 41% of B2C marketers said the same thing.

Impact On Lead Generation Goals:
B2B: SEO – 57.4%
PPC – 24.8%
Social Media – 17.9%

B2C: SEO – 41%
PPC – 34.2%
Social Media – 24.8%

On the B2B side, a third said that SEO has most of its budget. But in the B2C side, over 42 percent say that PPC gets most of its budget – nearly double the number of vendors who said B2C SEO is higher budgetary allocation.

Overall, 60 percent of respondents said they plan to increase its budget for social media marketing in 2012, and 53 percent plan to increase its budget for SEO and 40 percent will increase your PPC budget.

Increases in media costs are ground for another couple of statistics from the survey: 68 percent say they have generated leads, whether Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, while 55 percent have closed agreements the media drive.

Article source:

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