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7 Helpful Tips to Promote Your Business Blog

Posted by venkatramseo on August 18, 2011

A business blog post isn’t limited to existing entirely on that blog. It can be shared on social media sites, submitted to social bookmarking sites, used to develop your company newsletter and more.

1. Establish yourself as an industry authority – Customers want to buy work with the best in the business.

2. Help educate your consumers – Having an educated audience can make it much easier for you to promote your products / services.

3. Build your online brand presence – Each blog post can be classified into search engines like any other page on your website.

4. Humanize your brand – People like doing business with other people, not faceless corporations.

5. Promote your products/services – Mainly a business blog should be used to inform and educate, but a little self-promotion post from time to time is perfectly acceptable.

6. Respond to a crisis – When you break bad news, companies can not afford to hide until it blows over or a press conference next week.

7. Build Internal links – A company blog can become part of your cross linking structure.

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