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7 SEO Tips for Your Ecommerce Business Sites

Posted by venkatramseo on May 30, 2011

SEO or Search Engine Optimization, simply means that you are using tactics and techniques to make it easier – optimizing.

Here are seven great SEO tips:

1. First and foremost, have good informational content. Quality weighs much more heavily with the search engines than quantity, so write beneficial content that isn’t full of misspelled words, grammatical errors or crammed with keywords.

2. Be certain to use your primary keyword or long tailed keyword phrase in the title tags of your web pages.

3. Always use your main keyword in the anchor text content of your links.

4. Be sure to have a site map plain HTML content text.

5. Have a larger font size for your keywords. Use h1, h2 and paragraph tags.

6. Update your pages and add new content on a frequent and regular basis.

7. Important to buildup back links for your site.


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Ten ways to get More Traffic of Website

Posted by venkatramseo on May 5, 2010

There are following ways to get more traffic on website and improve your business

1. Website page content fresh and quality

2. Building SEO optimization work of website

3. Article submission of high page rank web sites

4. Press Release submission quality PR sites

5. Forum posting and adding signature.

6. Blog posting and blog commenting for related your website

7. Affiliate Marketing

8. Social Networks

9. Banner submission

10. Pay per Click (PPC)

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Search Engine Optimization success depends on two key factors

Posted by venkatramseo on April 15, 2010

The success of  SEO depends on acquiring inbound links and analyzing the attractiveness of keywords. Research has shown that over a third of search engine marketers (SEMs) find link building the mainly challenging part of SEO, and keyword research is seen as the second mainly difficult aspect.

A search engine marketing software company explained that link building and keyword research analysis are “crucial to SEO” and that companies “can´t succeed without it”.

Just under half of the surveyed companies admitted that they were reallocating budgets to SEM from print advertising.

The research also reaffirms Google´s dominance between search engines, with 97 per cent of companies paying to advertise on its AdWords advertising product.

Google recently told advertisers that placing too greatly emphasis on SEO could make their website show like a phasing site.

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SEO basics—the key to a improvement of internet enterprise

Posted by venkatramseo on November 27, 2009

If you own an internet enterprise, you want a successful search engine optimization (SEO) campaign.

And you always start with the fundamentals— like keyword research. This means that you look for the greatest possible set of keywords for the site and also integrate keywords that are aggressive in the search ranks.

In case you did not know, there are a lot of free keyword research tools on the internet. Google has many applications that can help boost and keep search rankings.

After finding the right set of keywords, a site should have valuable on-page optimization. This task involves having to keyword usage, optimize Meta tags, and content for more accurately targeted keywords and interior link structures.

The last step is creating compelling content, which is the back bone of every victorious SEO campaign. While content is often underestimated, it is a detrimental factor for the interest or disinterest of potential clients on the web.

It is also significant to synergize an SEO campaign to social media and public relations.

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Most 10 Mistakes of SEO Optimization

Posted by venkatramseo on September 24, 2009

1. Use wrong and misspell keyword for title of your site ==> its not useful and target of your site.

2. Put high keyword club density => against of search point of view.

3. Put too many more keywords in the Meta Keywords tags => Meta keyword tag is not important for major search engines

4. Use Page Cloaking => view user and search engine differ

5. Use Automatic Submission Tools for Submissions =>> it won’t hurt your site.

6. Too many Link Exchange in less time ==> Link exchange with not relevant of your site.

7. Creating Pages Containing Only Graphics => It is against SEO but still pages which are created in graphics are not mistake

8. Creating Hidden Text and Link =>> against SEO

9. Using too many similar doorway pages ==> Duplicate content page.

10. Not using the NOFRAMES ==> not crawl in search engines.

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Overview of SEO Optimization

Posted by venkatramseo on September 10, 2009

Basics for SEO

* Basics of World Wide Web
* Website
* What are Portals
* Benefits of Search Engines
* Website Structure
* What is Domain?
* Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)
* Page Ranking
* Sand Box

Seo optimization

Keyword Assessment

* Analysis of similar websites
* Keyword Research
* How to choose keywords
* Deriving Appropriate Keywords
* Target Orientation & Analysis
* SWOT: Analysis

On Page Optimization

* Title Tag
* Meta Tags
* Content
* Creating Rebots File
* Optimizing SEO Content
* Internal Navigation structure
* Cross links
* Image Tag Optimization
* Creating Site Maps
* Google Web master tools

Off Page Optimization

* Directory Submission
* Submission to Search Engines
* Social bookmark submission
* Local Marketing benefits
* Link Building approach

o Article Submission
o Video Optimization
o Press Releases
o Blog Submission
o Promotion of Subsequent Pages of Website
o Forums
o Posting free Classifieds
o Google Analytic
o Promotion of subsequent pages of website
o Viral Marketing

Other Services

* Google Adsense
* Google Adwords/ PPC Campaign
* Practical on Live Projects

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Digg Recent Changes to NOFOLLOW on External Links

Posted by venkatramseo on September 4, 2009

Digg recently added nofollow to some external links on their site:

Digg have added rel=”no follow” to some external link that not sure we can vouch for. This includes all external links from comments, user profiles and story pages below a certain threshold of popularity.

For more recent up dations:

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