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Keyboard Shortcuts – Web Browser Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer

Posted by venkatramseo on July 30, 2013

Keyboard shortcuts save time and help you get exactly where you want to be in seconds. Here are some useful important keyboard shortcuts you can use while searching the Web with the Mozilla Firefox, Google’s Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers.

ESC                               –>    Stop downloading current page
F5                                 –>    Refresh
F11                               –>    Full screen view
ALT + HOME                   –>    Go to homepage
ALT + Left Arrow            –>    Back
ALT + Right Arrow          –>    Forward
CTR + +                       –>    Zoom In
CTR + –                       –>    Zoom Out
CTRL+ 0                      –>    Zoom Reset
CTRL + K                     –>    Select a search bar
CTRL + D                     –>    Add bookmarks
CTRL + B                     –>    Open Bookmarks
CTRL + P                     –>    Print
CTRL + R                     –>    Reload
CTRL + T                     –>    New Tab
CTRL + N                     –>    New Window
CTRL + H                     –>   Open History
CTRL + F                     –>   Find on page
CTRL + W                     –>   Close current tab
CTRL + 9                       –>    Switch to last tab
CTRL + SHIFT + Q       –>    View list of open tabs
CTRL + TAB                   –>    Switch tabs
CTRL + SHIFT + TAB     –>    Switch to previous tab


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Google Search using your Terms with Verbatim Tool

Posted by venkatramseo on November 16, 2011

Users Know exactly what you are searching for on Google search? It is now a bit easier quick way to find it.

Google search page is constantly doing things to automatically adjust your questions and corrections – that will change in common synonyms, spelling, omitting certain terms which may not be needed, and so on. Sometimes show above the search results Did you mean “your search term” Most of the time these settings are useful, but can sometimes get in the way. For some time you can find what you came in with some advanced search operators, and now there is a simplified way to do it.

15th November 2011, Google has announcing an easier way to do this: a “Verbatim” option in their search tools on the left sidebar. Who does what you expect: run a query with the Verbatim, and get the results of what was in the search box.

Verbatim google search tool

Verbatim Tool

For more info about verbatim tool –

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List of Google SEO Algorithm Update

Posted by venkatramseo on August 22, 2011

Penguin – April 24, 2012:

speculation about an “Over-optimization penalty”, Google finally rolled out the “Webspam Update”. The main purpose of the Penguin update is to put a deep freeze on web spam in Google’s search results. By extension, a big piece of that web spam appears to be links from low-quality networks.

Penguin update Article

Google penguin update and recovery tips

Another step to reward high-quality sites

Panda 3.5 – April 19, 2012:

Google quietly rolled out a Panda data update.

Panda 3.5 – seroundtable

Pagination Elements – September 15, 2011:

To help fix crawl and duplication problems created by pagination, Google introduced the rel=”next” and rel=”prev” link attributes

Google:Pagination with rel=“next” and rel=“prev”

12-pack Sitelinks – August 16, 2011:

Google was expanded sitelinks, displaying up to 12 at a time for top-ranking sites and including secondary snippets in SERPs.

The evolution of sitelinks: expanded and improved

Panda Goes Global – August 12, 2011:

Panda updates occurred separately from the main index and not in real-time, reminiscent of early Google Dance updates.

Google Panda Update Is Live

Google+ – June 28, 2011:

Google launched the +1 button. Clicking [+1] allowed users to influence search results within their social circle, across both organic and paid results.

Introducing the Google+ project: Real-life sharing, rethought for the web

Google Instant – September 2010:

A magnifying appeared on Google search results, allowing search visitors to quickly view a preview of landing pages directly from SERPs.

About Google Instant

Caffeine update – June 2010:

Google introduces new search index-Caffeine aimed to give fresher results.

Our new search index: Caffeine

Real-time Search – December 2009:

Google goes real-time. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Buzz, etc. to influence Google rankings

June 2009:

Google spiders can index Flash application, and also images /texts used by these applications.

April 2009:

Google becomes more relevant searches

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Google Chrome is 3rd most popular browser: Report Said

Posted by venkatramseo on August 2, 2011

Google Chrome browser is now the world’s 3rd most popular web browser with one in five users preferring it.

Google Chrome web browser, edging Mozilla’s Firefox and nibbling at Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, the current leader.

Chrome accounted for 22 % of the British web market, compared to 45 % of users preferring Internet Explorer. Apple’s Safari stood at the 4th place with 9% share.

Google Chrome Browser

Google search engine said its rush in popularity could be explained by its speed of delivery results, its security and a fresh ad campaign.

Google engineer responsible for Chrome, based in the Danish countryside, said the company’s aim was speed of the browser opening time.

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ComScore Says Bing Search Volume Up 29% In 2010, Google Up 13%

Posted by venkatramseo on February 10, 2011

Bing search engine was the big gainer in year-over-year search activity, picking up 29% more searches in year 2010 than it did in 2009. But Google, despite already having a high lead in the market, also picked up 13% more searches last year 2010. Those numbers, and many others, are part of comScore’s “2010 U.S. Digital Year in Review” report, which was just announced today.

Search Engine Sites performance year 2010

The comScore report also nearly mirrors other recent studies related to the most popular search keywords in the US in 2010, with Facebook being the runaway leader as the most-used search terms of the year. Ebay and Netflix were the top two keywords in terms of generating paid search clicks.

Top searchterms of Sites year 2010

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Using Webmaster Tools like an SEO Optimization

Posted by venkatramseo on February 5, 2011

Overview of Video details:

1. Checkout search queries of already ranking keywords identify and improve.

2. Use Keywords to target content.

3. Reduce duplicates through HTML suggestions and URL parameter handling.

4. Diagnose crawl errors – to fix the broken links

5. Prioritized content through internal links

6. Verify access through fetch as Google bot.

7. Use site performance to improve speed.

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Google CEO Eric Schmidt On Google’s Secret Ranking Factors & Facebook video

Posted by venkatramseo on February 4, 2011

Schmidt says, Social network think of it differently.
Rosenberg says, Google Instant feedback has been positive.

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