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Google Search Made Simple for Students

Posted by venkatramseo on January 4, 2011

The Google search engine has introduced a new feature that will help students filter the content they are searching for on the basis of ‘reading levels’. This feature has been incorporated in Google search option ‘Advanced search‘, by setting a range of parameters like key words, date, region and so on.

The search page reading level settings can be found under the heading ‘Need more tools?’

Different options

Different options can be chosen in relation to the reading levels; show only basic results; show only intermediate results; and show only advanced results.

The option ‘no reading level displayed’ will display the search results as normal. Once the filter is set, based on search results displayed.

A search on the human digestive system, when set at the basic reading level, throws up more links of the kind that would be appropriate for school students. The difficulty levels increase as the options are changed to intermediate and advanced. In the classification of pages for different reading levels which were then used to build the statistical model.

Reading levels

This model makes it easy for the search engine to compare words on any webpage with the words in the model and come up with the reading levels.

So, it is quite simple: if you are a school student looking for basic details, set the reading level to ‘basic’ to get the content you are searching for.

And if you are a researcher or a college student in the quest for more sophisticated content, set the filters to intermediate or advanced, depending on your requirement. The search for information on the Internet has become a that simple for students.

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