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Guidelines to Make a Good Backlink for Your Website

Posted by venkatramseo on September 28, 2011

A good link should have the potential to provide relevant visitors

Understanding what makes a good link is probably the most tangible thing to understand for any SEO learning, since much of what he has “the potential to provide visitors with relevant,” it is common sense and sight.

Knowing what makes an “OK” link or a link to “strategic” require more experience and comfort with the analysis of backlink profiles, expected to be accelerated by this easy rule.

* Visitors are relevant from the target geolocation

* To provide visitors with relevant, a site must have a hearing

* Visitors should have exposure relevant to the subject content similar to yours

* Visitors come to link the relevant links

* Visitors in question can not (easily) be faked

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7 SEO Tips for Your Ecommerce Business Sites

Posted by venkatramseo on May 30, 2011

SEO or Search Engine Optimization, simply means that you are using tactics and techniques to make it easier – optimizing.

Here are seven great SEO tips:

1. First and foremost, have good informational content. Quality weighs much more heavily with the search engines than quantity, so write beneficial content that isn’t full of misspelled words, grammatical errors or crammed with keywords.

2. Be certain to use your primary keyword or long tailed keyword phrase in the title tags of your web pages.

3. Always use your main keyword in the anchor text content of your links.

4. Be sure to have a site map plain HTML content text.

5. Have a larger font size for your keywords. Use h1, h2 and paragraph tags.

6. Update your pages and add new content on a frequent and regular basis.

7. Important to buildup back links for your site.

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Four ways to get Natural Backlinks for your Website

Posted by venkatramseo on May 5, 2011

If you want to get improve rankings on Google, the links that point to your website should be from concerned websites and from sources that would “naturally” link to your website.

1. Create a link worthy website

If your website is only a collection of affiliate links then you cannot await that other webmasters will link to your site. Create a website with good quality fresh content.

2. Solve other people’s problems

Do you have an article on your website that solves a particular problem? Contact related websites and point them to the interesting content on your site.

3. Put your website into the right context

The direct effect of links from Internet directories has decreased but they are still a very best way to put your website into the correct context.

4. Get links to different pages of your website and vary your link text content.

The structure of a natural back link pattern depends on the website. Some websites get the almost links to the home page. Other websites get more links to specific pages.

In general, the websites that link to your website should use the keywords text for which you want to get high rankings in the linked text. If all web pages use just the same text to link to your site, this will look unnatural.

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