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Doing Research with Open Source Sofware tools

Posted by venkatramseo on December 22, 2009

Netspeak features a few open source software tools that facilitate the research process with special suggestion to the free statistical software ‘R’.

The past (http: // htm), the Net offers a wide range of software tools for researchers.

A researcher needs to find applicable information, communicate/collaborate with fellow researchers, and disseminate his findings and the like. We know that numerous on-line tools/services are in place for accomplishing these research tasks with ease.

Unlike in the past, the advantage of doing research now is the accessibility of free/open source tools. Open source packages like Abiword (http://www.abisource. com) and Open Office Writer ( enable a researcher to compose his/her research work. The browser Firefox has various extensions that can beef up the researcher. The extension Zotero (http: //www.hindu. com/2006/11/27/ stories/2006112700351600. htm), an open source software tool meant for building a bibliography with ease is an illustration of such extensions.

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