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Most Important content ideas for your SEO campaigns

Posted by venkatramseo on February 11, 2010

Content has always played a main role in any successful SEO strategy, but many times we run out of steam coming up with content thoughts that can support the SEO campaigns.

Content serves mainly two purposes in SEO/SEM campaigns. One is for targeting your keywords, improving visibility, awareness, and building back links from different and relevant web, user and social communities to your website.

The challenge lies (both for the clients and the SEO expert) in not just creating content, but creating content that is unique, informative, compelling, educational, and at times, entertaining.

All these are great sources of content that can be used very successfully in a SEO campaign. This is a great tip for all those who are stuck coming up with topic ideas, and re-writing the same content in various forms.

The solution lies in looking out-of-the-box when searching for content ideas, and more significantly, exploring various mediums of delivering content to your probable customers.

1. PowerPoint Presentations – You can put up a PPT explaining types of motor insurance (or a sales presentation) and voila you have a video that can be syndicated to video submission sites like YouTube.

2. Press Releases – You recently issued a press release about a new service or product launch. This is again superior for visibility, and building quality links to your website.

3. How to Articles – Give a twist to your article, and you can now organization to How to Sites (eHow), which are sites that support “How to” articles.

4. Video’s – Informative Videos (4-5 minutes) can explain a topic/service/product much improved and build visitor confidence. The videos can be posted on your blog, and then syndicated to Video Submission Sites.

5. Case Studies – Everyone loves a new success story. Also case studies and white papers can be used to target detailed industries your business focuses on.

6. Client Testimonials – Every had a client send you a thank you for your huge service, or an email of appreciation.

7. Ground Events – You participated in a recent event or a seminar, and voila you have access to pictures, maybe a video, a press release on event, an article, what people said at the event – all fresh content for your SEO campaigns.

8. Photographs – Photographs of an event or seminar can also make excellent content and be further syndicated to photo sharing sites (Flicker).

The advantages of exploring different mediums of delivering content are two-fold. Its great mix of interesting content for the users, and you can syndicate that content to diverse communities like YouTube (Videos), SlideShare (PowerPoint presentations), Digg (Social Bookmarking), Flicker (Pictures) etc, enhancing the visibility of your content and building quality and a various mix (by participating in different web, user and social communities) of links back to your website.


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SEO Marketing Guidelines: Optimize E-mail Campaigns

Posted by venkatramseo on October 13, 2009

Campaigner, an e-mail marketing solutions supplier, launched a series called 101 Tips for Getting Started with E-mail Marketing to help small business owners implement victorious e-mail marketing campaigns. One of the topics covered by Campaigner includes using SEO (search engine optimization) finest practices to enhance your campaign performance.

To take advantage of SEO, you require archiving your e-mail campaigns online—on your own Web site or blog. On your Web site, you should offer links to your past newsletters right from the main page navigation. Not only will this give new content for your site visitors to read, but you will also get more mileage out of relevant content when you repurpose your e-mail campaigns.

Five Tips for working SEO into your E-mail Marketing If you want to optimize your e-mail content for search engines, these five tips that can help small businesses get started quickly.

1. Start SEO and E-mail Campaign Planning with Keyword Research The good way to have your e-mail content optimized for search engines is to research relevant keywords that not only reflect your product or service but that also signal buyer intent. .

2. Coordinate SEO and E-mail Marketing for Best Results You don’t have to select between SEO efforts and e-mail marketing. Most people look at SEO as a way to optimize their Web site, but you should merge the two and incorporate SEO elements into all aspects of your online marketing efforts.

3. Surround Text Links with Relevant Keywords Once you have finished your keyword research and are ready to optimize your e-mail campaigns, Lowe recommends that you surround hyperlinks with those significant keywords.

4. Bolster e-mail Marketing Results with Specific Landing Pages Landing pages—unique Web pages that contains information that would attention your targeted readers—are tremendously important for e-mail campaigns. In the e-mail you would straight your subscribers to a special landing page that would clarify the product or promotion details.

5. Repurpose E-mail Content into a Blog for an SEO Visibility Boost If you presently do not have a business blog, then you use a free blogging service, such as WordPress or Blogger to repurpose your search engine optimized e-mail content.

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