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Search Engine Optimization success depends on two key factors

Posted by venkatramseo on April 15, 2010

The success of  SEO depends on acquiring inbound links and analyzing the attractiveness of keywords. Research has shown that over a third of search engine marketers (SEMs) find link building the mainly challenging part of SEO, and keyword research is seen as the second mainly difficult aspect.

A search engine marketing software company explained that link building and keyword research analysis are “crucial to SEO” and that companies “can´t succeed without it”.

Just under half of the surveyed companies admitted that they were reallocating budgets to SEM from print advertising.

The research also reaffirms Google´s dominance between search engines, with 97 per cent of companies paying to advertise on its AdWords advertising product.

Google recently told advertisers that placing too greatly emphasis on SEO could make their website show like a phasing site.

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