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Most 10 Mistakes of SEO Optimization

Posted by venkatramseo on September 24, 2009

1. Use wrong and misspell keyword for title of your site ==> its not useful and target of your site.

2. Put high keyword club density => against of search point of view.

3. Put too many more keywords in the Meta Keywords tags => Meta keyword tag is not important for major search engines

4. Use Page Cloaking => view user and search engine differ

5. Use Automatic Submission Tools for Submissions =>> it won’t hurt your site.

6. Too many Link Exchange in less time ==> Link exchange with not relevant of your site.

7. Creating Pages Containing Only Graphics => It is against SEO but still pages which are created in graphics are not mistake

8. Creating Hidden Text and Link =>> against SEO

9. Using too many similar doorway pages ==> Duplicate content page.

10. Not using the NOFRAMES ==> not crawl in search engines.

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Google does not use the keywords meta tag in web search Ranking

Posted by venkatramseo on September 22, 2009

For more information

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Google On Page SEO Tips & Strategies

Posted by venkatramseo on September 21, 2009

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Types of SEO Strategy

Posted by venkatramseo on September 18, 2009

Offensive Seo strategies:

Offensive Strategies are when you directly assault your competitors. These can be designed to destroy something they own/have or to take key serp positions that they have. This is the mainly common sorts of SEO Strategy and often the most costly to all parties concerned.

Defensive Seo strategies:

Defensive Seo Strategies are designed to protect a position you already hold, this is all about creating barriers to entry for new entrants in the market and ensuring that your position is such that attacking you would take extreme resources. It’s mainly useful to use defensive tactics on the web as it’s so easy on the web for someone to pick an easier target if you have good sufficient defense strategies. Typically people will use Page Rank as a key defensive plan i.e. if you get a Page Rank 7 or above most people will leave you alone.

Flanking Seo strategies:

These are my favourites, strategies that your enemy believe are of no real threat or significance until the last minute and then it’s to late for them to react in time to save themselves. An example of this might be something like launching social network in your niche but not focusing on the truly critical areas of the niche while gaining some hidden advantage.

Guerrilla Seo strategies:

Typically Guerrilla SEO strategies engage launching lots of small sites targeting specific keywords while hiding who’s actually behind them. The web is the great ground for this type of strategy, SEO’s can hide after a myriad of techniques to hide what they are doing and who they are doing it for, this tactic is great for really well disciplined SEO’s who can play the longer strategy game and can be used to hurt sites as much as help your own. Often when doing this and targeting critical keywords you might think about using AdSense (use a different account than normal) and doing some firmly bad designs to make it seem as disparate and incongruous as possible and have less possibility of being detected i.e. don’t make them all the same!!!!!

Deterrence Seo Strategies:

Deterrence SEO strategies are primarily negative in a few form although it’s not essential, but in essence you are trying to start your competitors into leaving you alone. This type of strategy is quite close to Defensive SEO strategies in what they are doing, except what you do in defensive is build parapet that can survive an attack however deterrence strategies do not have to contract with this. There only aim is to put fear in the minds of others about what you are competent of doing, David Naylor is one of the best I have seen in the SEO industry at this, he has created an feeling such that you think that he has the capability and willingness to go to whatever lengths are required should you cross him. An extremely successful and simple Deterrence strategy is to get a well known SEO black/Grey hat to reference you on there blog giving the impression they are protecting you or just instantly hire them not to do any work but to tell people you are working with them. Of course you always have the option to really go out of your way to destroy a site and let it be known (or more likely suspected) that you did it thus building a standing for being ruthless.

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Count Your Body Weight Calories

Posted by venkatramseo on September 17, 2009

All our body has been compared to a machine and how it works. So, one of the basic underlying principles applied here is ‘that energy can be neither created nor destroyed, it can only be converted’. With this in mind, we have to see how this can be applied to food intake, physical activity and body stores of fat or breakdown of body fat.

Energy conversion thermodynamics

* Food –> Physical activity –> Energy output

* Food –> No physical activity –> Body fat deposit

* Body fat –> Only physical activity –> Energy output and reduction of body fat

In terms of food:

* One masala dosa –> One hour of walking at 3mph. –> 200 Kcals utilised

* One masala dosa –> No physical activity –> 200 Kcals deposited as one ounce of body fat

* One ounce of body fat –> only physical activity –> 200 Kcals out put and fat reduction

How does your eating excess of different foods convert to body fat

It is generally believed that 3500 Kcals from food, in excess of our energy necessities, converts to 1lb. of body fat deposits. You will be interested to see how different foods contribute to this. In an attempt to increase our awareness of association among physical activity and energy intake, and to discourage overeating, just have a look at the table which presents the body weight-gain equivalents of selected foods. For example, it shows that one 200ml. bottle of cola beverage taken in surplus of daily requirements of energy, causes a weight gain of 1lb. (500g) in 33 days. Just one piece of mysore pak further per day will help you to weigh 1lb. more in 10 days flat!

However, body weight gain and its composition look on factors such as gender, age, physical activity, diet and initial weight. Hence, these figures are average and do not represent actual or closing values. Nevertheless, weight gain equivalent tables will be useful in increasing our awareness of the weight that can be gained by eating comparatively small portions of food above our daily requirements. So, young folks, while I do not want to divest you of the fun of eating, in your youth, it will be good to identify for yourselves, how your ‘time pass’ canteen hours can extra to your future weight!!


In this information need for every software peoples and useful fitness of your body.

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Black Hat SEO Optimization

Posted by venkatramseo on September 15, 2009

When it comes to SEO practices, you want to be as principled as possible. You also want to rank as tall as you can. Sometimes referred to as “search engine spamming”, black hat SEO techniques effort to exploit the search engine rankings with keyword stuffing, illegal link building, and spam.


Although there is no concrete definition for “black hat SEO”, it is normally understood to be anything that would be measured an unethical practice of SEO. Funny thing is, ethics can be subjective, making black hat subjective. This results in the thought that there are varying shades of “hats” that exist. It is significant to always use ethical practices.

Search engines differ in their standards for what are suitable SEO practices. Some base it on how your practices crash others, with an anything goes clearance on your own site. Others insist that your content be useful to the viewer, both on and off site. Others propose that anything causing your SERP ranking to be “abnormally” high a no no.

Generally used as a short run explanation, common “black hat techniques” include, keyword stuffing, invisible texting, link farms and indecent use of doorway pages. They’re measured to be short run use because, once you’re caught, you can be penalized by a search engine or still banned.

Black hat techniques appear tempting, but watch out. Black hat is the gateway drug to SEO’s dark underworld. I’m sure Vader feel like he was trying to get ahead, but once you get the ball rolling with the dark side, pretty soon you’re mouthful of air heavy and chopping off people’s hands.

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Overview of SEO Optimization

Posted by venkatramseo on September 10, 2009

Basics for SEO

* Basics of World Wide Web
* Website
* What are Portals
* Benefits of Search Engines
* Website Structure
* What is Domain?
* Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)
* Page Ranking
* Sand Box

Seo optimization

Keyword Assessment

* Analysis of similar websites
* Keyword Research
* How to choose keywords
* Deriving Appropriate Keywords
* Target Orientation & Analysis
* SWOT: Analysis

On Page Optimization

* Title Tag
* Meta Tags
* Content
* Creating Rebots File
* Optimizing SEO Content
* Internal Navigation structure
* Cross links
* Image Tag Optimization
* Creating Site Maps
* Google Web master tools

Off Page Optimization

* Directory Submission
* Submission to Search Engines
* Social bookmark submission
* Local Marketing benefits
* Link Building approach

o Article Submission
o Video Optimization
o Press Releases
o Blog Submission
o Promotion of Subsequent Pages of Website
o Forums
o Posting free Classifieds
o Google Analytic
o Promotion of subsequent pages of website
o Viral Marketing

Other Services

* Google Adsense
* Google Adwords/ PPC Campaign
* Practical on Live Projects

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