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Look at Structure in the SEO World – SEO Audits

Posted by venkatramseo on January 21, 2015

A typical SEO audit addresses the following areas:

1. On-Site SEO Analysis
2. Link Profile Analysis
3. Indexing Analysis
4. Social Signal Analysis

Surface-Level Audit –  focuses primarily on your most important pages and issues

  • Duplicate Content Issues
  • Thin Content Issues
  • URL Structure
  • Inbound Links
  • Keyword Focus
  • Page Load Speed
  • Code Validation
  • Image Alt Tags
  • Outbound Links
  • Pages With Less than 250 Words
  • Too Long Title Tags
  • Too Short Title Tags
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Competitors Links

Deep Audit – is our most comprehensive audit, and is best for larger websites, or websites who may have critical issues with their website architecture

  • Complete Content Analysis
  • Content Scorecard
  • SEO Scorecard
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Keyword Recommendations
  • Keyword Guidelines
  • Keyword Focus
  • URL Structure Analysis and Recommendations
  • Title Tag Analysis and Recommendations
  • Meta Description Analysis and Recommendations
  • Heading Tags Analysis and Recommendations
  • Internal Linking and Anchor Text
  • Image Names and ALT Tags
  • NoFollow Anchor Tags
  • Indexing Overview, Analysis, and Score
  • Page Exclusions
  • Page Inclusions
  • URL Redirects
  • Duplicate Content
  • Crawl Errors
  • Code Validation
  • Page Load Speed
  • Linking Analysis Overview
  • Inbound Followed Links
  • Linking Root Domains
  • Authority and Trust
  • Social Media Mentions and Visibility
  • Competitive Link Comparison

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Five Important Ways to Use #Hashtags in Social Media Marketing

Posted by venkatramseo on February 15, 2014

To be fair, it always that obvious that hashtags will change the way we use Twitter, Facebook and other social media channels.

Hashtags were a user process of innovating that was later adopted by Twitter as an actual feature when Twitter decided to hyperlink hashtags to search results. The rest of the socialsphere followed in its own pace, and Facebook, only recently decided to give in and add hashtags as a feature.

 Hashtags Adopted as a Marketing Tactic

1. Drive Engagement: # + Link = More Engagement

2. Test Your Messaging

3. Tie Activity Across Multiple Channels

4. Create a Story: #Retail

5. Track Results: #Whogonewin

Hashtags have become more than just a way to categorize posts or add a narrative to your latest updates. Marketers have found new, innovative ways to use hashtags as a mean to drive web conversation, harness the public support, and garner attention to their brands.

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Mobile Advertising Increased Compare Past Desktop Ads In Four Short Years

Posted by venkatramseo on September 21, 2013

According to a new report from eMarketer, revenues from mobile ad will surpass those of desktop ads by 2017. That sprint will be led by search ads, which have seen mobile revenues rocket from only 2% of all search ad dollars in 2010 to 22% this year 2013. That will jump further to nearly 60% mobile by 2017.

Paid Search increasing in Mobile

Paid Advertising – Mobile Search

This year, eMarketer expects 51.5% of all spending on mobile ads to go toward search, compared to 44.8% for display ads, including banners, video and other formats. Like in the digital advertising market as a whole, display formats are growing more quickly on mobile than search—but not fast enough to overtake search spending by 2017.

Ad cost of mobile devices

Advertising cost of mobile devices

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Keyboard Shortcuts – Web Browser Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer

Posted by venkatramseo on July 30, 2013

Keyboard shortcuts save time and help you get exactly where you want to be in seconds. Here are some useful important keyboard shortcuts you can use while searching the Web with the Mozilla Firefox, Google’s Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers.

ESC                               –>    Stop downloading current page
F5                                 –>    Refresh
F11                               –>    Full screen view
ALT + HOME                   –>    Go to homepage
ALT + Left Arrow            –>    Back
ALT + Right Arrow          –>    Forward
CTR + +                       –>    Zoom In
CTR + –                       –>    Zoom Out
CTRL+ 0                      –>    Zoom Reset
CTRL + K                     –>    Select a search bar
CTRL + D                     –>    Add bookmarks
CTRL + B                     –>    Open Bookmarks
CTRL + P                     –>    Print
CTRL + R                     –>    Reload
CTRL + T                     –>    New Tab
CTRL + N                     –>    New Window
CTRL + H                     –>   Open History
CTRL + F                     –>   Find on page
CTRL + W                     –>   Close current tab
CTRL + 9                       –>    Switch to last tab
CTRL + SHIFT + Q       –>    View list of open tabs
CTRL + TAB                   –>    Switch tabs
CTRL + SHIFT + TAB     –>    Switch to previous tab

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How can you go with Article Marketing Effective?

Posted by venkatramseo on January 29, 2013

Article Marketing is a terrific idea for increasing your sales. By writing and posting original articles at article directories, you are perceived as an expert in your topic. Further, you gain valuable links to your website from the articles posted at the directory site. Next, other websites will pick up your valuable content and publish your article at their website, which will give you even more backlinks to your website.

How can you go with Article Marketing Effective? Avoid listed below ten mistakes:

1. Don’t make boring headlines

2. Headlines not keyword rich

3. Lots of punctuation, grammatical and spelling errors

4. Use short paragraphs

5. Making your article too generalized, too broad

6. Making your article boring

7. Too much self-promotion

8. Plagiarism, or ripping off content from others

9. Making your article too long

10. Boring or sparse Resource Box

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8 SEO Reviews Help to Make Healthy Website

Posted by venkatramseo on December 29, 2012

Below 8 reviews help to make website healthier.

1. Review Your Robots.txt File; Assess Your Meta Robots Tagging
2. Review Your Site Organic CTR by Page; Revise the Worst Page’s Title Element and Meta Description
3. Assess Canonicalization of Your Domain
4. Review Your Most Frequently Linked Pages on Your Site
5. Review Your Site for Duplicate Title Elements
6. Find Your Most Authoritative Links; Request an Anchor Text Change
7. Review Your Link Targets in Your Site Navigation and Any Other Sitewide Links
8. Verify Your Google and Bing Local Listing

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Quick Suggestion For Creating Better Websites On Mobile Devices

Posted by venkatramseo on March 21, 2012

The latest trend is growing mobile devices all over the world and hence the number of people searching shopping items through their mobile phones increasing gradually. Here below Some useful guidelines for creating websites user friendly and Search Engine friendly and compatible with mobile devices.

1.  Attractive website logo

2.  Reduce the amount of page content

3.  Simple page structure mobile-friendly

4.  Consider Single column layouts

5.  Reduce Your Navigation and User Input

6.  Flash, Java, Frames and Pop Ups are not recommended

7.  Work on the number of sites needed

8.  Design for touch screen and non-touch screen users

9.   Use the Phones Built in Functionality to Your Advantage

10. Your URL says .mobi domain, indicates mobile experience

11. Having mobile version on a sub domain, eg: Digg mobile (Desktop:

12. Test the mobile version of your site on multiple devices

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