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9 Reasons to Shift from Facebook to Google+1

Posted by venkatramseo on July 5, 2011

Can Google+1 steal users from Facebook? Yep. There are good causes to change from Facebook to Google+1

1. Integration with Google Services

Google has the largest gap to bring people into using Google + is integration.

2. Better Friend Management
Google is right that the “Circles”, a concept more in line with our direction of making friends in real life

3. Better Mobile App

If you are an Android, you may bring the contents of your phone’s social platform is easier and quickly.

4. Easier to Find Stuff to Share

Feature: Google ‘s Sparks is another crucial differentiator from Facebook.

5. You Can Get Your Data Back

Facebook is known for its mismanagement of personal data.

6. Better Photo Tagging

When viewing photos in Google + can “tag” people in them similar to the mode you do on Facebook.

7. Strong Group Chat Features

Google+1 features has Facebook beat in the area of chat.

8. Safer Content Sharing

Privacy advocates have long called social networking sites that allow users to assign a level of privacy for each share content.

9. Google Is a Better Steward of Your Personal Data

Running a social network is responsible for the management of personal information.

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